The fears of a writer/author

When you write a book, you worry it isn’t a story anyone will want to read. As you progress along, you worry you will never finish or your editing will never end. When you finally publish, you worry no one will read it, give it a review, or recommend. There is, always, another worry just around the bend. Just like in my book, where the characters never know what to expect. But I must face these worries and fears. I must take that next step, and the next, onto the end. Because it will end. Just like the book ends.


A writer chooses and organizes words to present a story. An author publishes that story.

I have published an e-book called “Our Essence Survives.” It is now available on Amazon. I am an Author!

Once You Smiled

Every day we go about our lives, really, go about OUR lives. Not aware of how one smile can effect another’s life. These days are harder without smiles. We hide them behind a mask. A physical mask to protect others. Yet, a smile might be the only thing they need that day.

Think on that.

So, while wearing your mask, smile with your whole being. Lift those cheek bones. Lift your brows with excitement to see someone. Use your body language to express what your covered smile wants to show.

A genuine smile that can been seen, despite being covered, taken along as we go about our lives, is just what we all need.


I have started my second novel! Yay!

In writing it, though, I have noticed my first book, “Our Essence Survives,” lacks character contridictions. Like in Harry Potter when the most famous and powerful wizard of all wizard world lives under the stairs at his abusive aunt and uncles. And like Simba, the king of the lions who no longer wants to be king and is charged with killing his beloved father. Contridictions bring about great character. It makes characters interesting. It builds a wonderful character arc. It makes a character complex. In my new book, “Christina Feather Dancer,” I hope to convey her struggle with contridictions in much more depth.


The world spins and we don’t feel it. Yet, it continues to do so. Every day! We don’t have to feel something to know that it is there or that something is true.

Yet, in a world full of all kinds of resources to verify or disprove what we have been told, we don’t take the time. It is too daunting to read through the available information. Thus, we accept what we are told.

I believe this acceptance without knowledge is a leap of faith and there are plenty of us leapers out there.

Kudos to Author Brian Striefel

Brian Striefel’s novel, What Mary Forgot got recognized in the Humanities of North Dakota magazine. The full article can be read at It is one of many books he has written.

His newest book Nineteen Forty-Five got a Silver Medal IPPY Award for the Best Regional Fiction! A North Dakota author gets recognized for a great novel. Keep writing Brian!

You can find his novel Nineteen Forty-Five on Amazon. You can learn more about his other books on his Facebook page, Dust Cover Intros. I Highly reccommend perusing both.

Coming Soon!

My book “Our Essence Survives” is done!

Now onto getting it published.

It is a historical novel about inner strength and courage. Friedrich and Elizabeth’s homeland subdues their hopes and dreams. Travel to the new country challenges their hardiness. Will they ever find a place to plant their roots? Will they overcome what comes just around the bend?

Stay tuned for progress updates!


Enjoying warm sunny days!

Finding little time to post. Finding plenty of things to do.



We are born destined to die.

Recently my husband has finished his ancestral tree. So, we made plans to visit some of his great grandparents’ stomping grounds. To visit the cities and towns they found comfortable enough to call home.

This quest has been enlightening. Most places are so remote that the word self-sufficient comes to mind. Yet, so many of my husbands relatives begged to be known. Their headstones scream notice me. And so do many others. I noticed that people don’t want their loved ones or themselves to be forgotten.

Big grave markers that deteriorate. Few words that weather and fade. A marker of them existing here, in this area.

A mark if their mortality.